Publication date: 2018-09-21

Night skiing

BORMIO_Strona_www-ATRAKCJE_CTA_1140x331_50_tras_zjazdowych_v4_EN (6).jpg

The trip to Bormio if a great chance for collecting superior memories and experience emotions, which will stay in your minds for a long time.  What is also important is the fact that prepared attractions are not only for the daytime, but also for the nights.  One of very important points of the journey, which will be available for Guests of Inter Cars in Bormio, will be the possibility of night skiing on the perfect slopes located in the town.

Possibility of experiencing unique ski atmosphere combined with the star-light night sky is a very interesting alternative for skiing during the day.  The snow is not melting in the sun, skis have perfect grip of the just-prepared slope, and the stars and the moon are shining bright, accompanied by professional lamps marking the way down the slope.

After closing the slopes when day ski session is finished, they are being prepared for the night ski sessions.  The staff is looking after correct layer of snow and keeping the highest standard. When their work is finished, the slopes which are used for organizing the ski World Championships, are available for standard skiers.  This highlight is a perfect part of the apres-ski culture and its completion.